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Sensitivity tests are required to measure the performance of various systems such as energetic components used in aerospace, automotive air bags, mining, and military systems. Sensitivity tests are also required to test drugs, medicines, and pesticides to determine both their effectiveness and maximum permissible safe level of application. In biological applications they are sometimes referred to as LD50 or LC50 tests, i.e. the level that causes 50% mortality or criticality. Some commonly used sensitivity tests are the Bruceton Test or Up-and-Down Test, the Langlie Test, and the Neyer D-Optimal Test which is often simply called the Neyer Test.

Sensitivity Testing and Analysis Software

Our software is a full function Windows® based test and analysis program for conducting and analyzing Sensitivity Tests. This software replaces a number of separate DOS programs which have been in use since 1988. The software allows the user to efficiently choose test levels using the Neyer D-Optimal test method and to analyze the results of the tests using the Likelihood Ratio Test method.

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Sensitivity Testing and Analysis Course

Our company provides the classes, explaining the test andmethods used in conducting sensitivity tests (such as the Neyer D-Optimal test, Langlie test, and Bruceton test). The instructor of this class is Dr. Barry Thomas Neyer, creater of the Neyer D-Optimal Test.

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What separates our product from the rest:

  • Guides the user by picking stimulus levels
  • Variety of analysis tools usable anytime, including during performance
  • Utilizes the Likelihood Ratio Method, which has been shown to produce more reliable confidence regions than the older methods
  • Displays analysis results in six different analysis views
  • Uses the well-established Neyer D-Optimal test procedure, similar to the DOS program Optimal, which makes it more efficient than any other standard sensitivity test
  • Can choose test levels according to other test methods (Bruceton, Robbins-Moro, Langlie, Adaptive Langlie, and Original Neyer)

Our product comes with a variety of customizable features, including the option to utilize other test and analysis for historical purposes. All pricing and options available upon request.

What our course provides:

  • Instructed by the Neyer-D Optimal Test creator
  • Clear instructions on how to use and interpret the test and results
  • Comprehensive course available for all in who design, build, or test components that are destructively tested
  • Given either on-site at your company, or in conjunction with conferences

We provide all the information you may require to get your software running. With our class, you will learn the ins and outs of the Neyer-D Optimal Test, allowing you to increase your efficiency when dealing with destructive elements.

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