What is HotS Pick-up League?

We offer a chance for everyone, no matter their skill, to participate in league plays.


Play best of 3 against another team each week. After 10 weeks of regular play, everyone is placed and face off in a tournament.

Friendly Format

Engage in one game a week against teams of similar strength. Find a time and day that works for both teams!


Completely free! Doesn't cost anything except your own enthusiasm. Because of this, there is no prize pool, just bragging rights.

Who is Participating?

The teams stand so far as:


Who plays whom and when.

Join here!

Want your team to join or looking for one? Let us know!

Our Amazing Team

Let us handle the minutia.

James Neyer

Lead Designer

Mark P Xu Neyer

Lead Engineer

Matt Neyer

Community Manager

We are brothers who love to play HotS together and wanted to be able to play a casual tournament with other people.